Why is it so important to go vote tomorrow?

Tomorrow is election day. I know it isn’t easy, not for you and not for me. These are the first elections in a decade that I will be voting as a citizen and not as a representative, and not casting my vote with all my heart. Although I know we did everything, simply everything, we could to help our camp bring about change, so that in these elections, our country will have the opportunity to leave a dark time of corrupt politics, and start the healing the Israeli society needs.

Go vote. Even if you are not 100% sure of your choice. Vote, because you believe in our country and its ability to create hope in the hardest of times. Vote, because the despair that is taking hold of our country and our camp can’t control us. Vote, because this election will determine in the day after tomorrow if we will live in a democracy or a nightmare. If we will live in a free country, or under a dangerous regime. Vote, because democracies don't fall in one day, they crumble. It's a process, and Israel is now at the height of it. It is exactly in moments like these, that by casting your ballot, you keep democracy alive.  It’s been a long  journey, to reach the situation wer’e in today, where the center-left has a real chance of winning. We fought, and we gave up when it was necessary. We even gave up our seat. But we cannot give up the right to vote.  Here is a peek of what I saw over the past seven years, since i joined Israeli politics. Promise me one thing - never get used to the fear. Tomorrow we go out to fight it. Please share this message:

Thank you all so much for your support over the last few weeks. The messages I am receiving are so moving. After dedicating all of my efforts to unite our camp, to bring a win in these elections, and to save our democracy, I had to pay a price. I am paying the price with great pride. Israel’s fate is more important than a seat in parliament. I truly believe that these obstacles generate creativity and renewal. They are not something to fear, they present us with an opportunity to learn, get outside the box and prosper.  Now we are building the green party outside of the Knesset, and we need you to join us. Politics happen both in parliament and on the street, and we must do everything in our power to grow stronger and bring a bigger force to influence israel’s path.  Join us here